Getting Started
Our System Guide

Covers our system, the new job market, how to find private jobs &10 major mistakes to avoid. Our profiles organize you & pinpoint your skills to sell.

Use Outstanding
New Style Resumes

30 million resumes are in the market. Use the world’s most powerful new styles to expand marketability. Get up to 5 to 10x the results. Samples for all levels.

Use Powerful
Marketing Letters

Copy from samples that got great results, compelling letters that open doors. Covers 12 situations you may encounter. Makes job hunting much easier and faster.

Have a Step-By-Step
Game Plan

Trial & error job hunting leads to a lot of strain. See step-by-step action plans that got 20 to 30 calls for interviews. Good action plans can save months of time.

Access 97% of All
Online Openings

World’s largest single source of opportunities. Covers 1,200 trade journals, 1,600 papers, 1,500 job boards & 250,000 employers. Can cut job hunting time by 70%.

Access Continuous
Employer Contacts

Connect with your best prospects. A fast way to a new job. Contacts in 60 major industries, 610,000 manufacturers ... 87 million small firms. All states & metro areas.

Access The Right
Recruiter Contacts

Makes it easy to get interviews with recruiters. Select from 10,000 firms by specialty & metro area, & 2,600 VCs who recruit for firms they capitalize.


Dramatically lift your interviewing skills. Build maximum chemistry, handle all objections & stress questions. See how, with 7-10 finalists, you can be the winner.


Use proven scripts for getting offers increased & signing bonuses. This 7 step system for negotiating is a soft sell and lets you see offer letters others receive.

Have The Best
Professional Help

Over 40 reports with the latest advice on key issues from social networking to direct mail. Also view 12 short videos on the newest methods for job hunting.


Search countries for openings in papers, on job boards and with recruiters. And get advice on termination, retirement, money & finances, & help for ex-pats.

Have a Powerful
Marketing Website

Select from dozens of amazing designs & your website will be instantly uploaded. Multiplies your exposure and makes networking easier than ever before.